Reported Sex Facts Every Sexually Active Adults Should Know


Sex a vital aspect in every adults life and it is important that we come to know some sex facts, so that we can know and appreciate even more. Below are some that is a must know for every adult out there.
* It is a that when two people touch lips, that is kiss each other, they automatically begin to exchange an estimated 10 to a billion bacteria.

* We hear claims of big penis everywhere, a recurring lie, according to a report, saying only 15 percent in the male population have a penis that measures beyond seven inches and those with extending beyond 8 inches are just three percent.

* Organism is good for a woman any day and time, as it is now fact that it can lower the risk of contracting several diseases such as breast cancer and stroke.

* When it comes to organism males don’t get the largest share. Unlike ladies whose organism last for about twenty seconds, male organism last only for 6 seconds.

* Sex is another exercise that does work. It is now a sex fact that 30 minutes sex can burn up to 200 worth of calories.

* Some females can achieve orgasmic climax just through breast stimulation.

* It is a sex fact that just before the eventual penetration, the lower part of the vagina narrows so as to get a good grip of the penis.

* The sperm is good for the skin, it has been reported that rubbing it on the skin produces an anti-wrinkle properties from the protein contained in it.

* Abstinence from sex can have its own bad effect. Because sexual inactivity is sure to reduce penis size.

* An hour is an incredible length of time for an insane amount of organism to occur. For a man the reported amount of organism within an hour is 16 while for a woman it is 134.

* Are you a Lady in need of some calories without the burden of consuming too much food? Then go for the sperm. A table spoonful of sperm contains 7 calories.

* The largest recorded penis belongs to Jonah Falcon (41-year-old) whose flaccid penis hangs at about 9.5 inches and 13.5 inches when erect.

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