Few Sex Facts You Need to Know



Sex are indeed necessary education for adult who knows and benefits from in one way or the other. Below are few among many, of out there.

(1) Who ever said it was a man’s world, was badly informed. Do you know that the clitoris made for one singular purpose, which is, PLEASURE!

(2) Hourglass figure is tied to high fertility rate in women. So if your woman possess that hourglass figure that we all love then put in mind that she is more fertile than others.

(3) When it comes to sex, the male honey bees are not that fortunate. Destined to have sex only once in their lives, the male dies within hours when during ejaculation his must break off in the female.

(4) Coffee and alcohol are both favorites to majority of men out there but those two can make your semen taste bitter, to have the opposite effect, pineapple, melon and celery are recommended.

(5) Almost all mammals apart from humans have a bone in their penis.

(6) Do you know that besides humans, cheetahs, hyenas and goats also perform oral sex.

Now its out there, few sex facts for you.

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