Sex Facts 2



Félix Brambaifa

Forced by religious hypocrisy man tend to hide his true nature or in the absence of hypocrisy has learnt discipline enough to humble the longings of the flesh but nonetheless beneath the façade lies that primitive craving, not for anything else but for .

Consequently so, sex a priority and I am here to continue from where I stopped in my last article and hopefully help educate by outlining some of the chemistry of sex and what is involved for all of us “sex participants”.
For most people sex is simultaneously aimed at achieving pleasure and procreation but like everything else in life there is a process of activities that occur when certain events are in motion, especially sex.

The intent of this article is to help understand how sex affects people in general and in particular. The question is, what happens in a woman’s head during the moment of sexual organism?

It was this question which motivated scientist from Rutgers University, New Jersey into using scans in monitoring the brains of ladies when experiencing organism and from it, discovered that during these particular sexual moment different parts of a woman’s brain is ignited.

These parts are responsible for touch, joy and emotions, memory and satisfaction inclusive, but in total it is estimated that thirty parts of the brain are activated.

It was also found that two minutes before organism the reward centers of the brain which are activated when we eat and drink is also switched on, but that before the peak of climax, other parts of the brains such as the sensory cortex becomes activated, a part responsible for the receiving of “touch” messages from other parts of the body.

The last part of the brain discovered to be activated is no other than the hypothalamus-the very part responsible for the control and regulation of temperature, thirst, hunger and tiredness.

It was also asserted that sexual arousal also numbs the nervous system of women to such an extent in which the female doesn’t feel that much pain but only the sting of pleasure.

Now let’s go a bit deeper.

According to Arun Ghosh, a General Practitioner specializing in sexual health at the Spire , oxytocin which is a hormone released during sex, known as the “cuddle hormone” is known to be responsible for lowering our defences, making us trust people more easily.

Also the hormone is responsible for bonding, it elevates levels of empathy and is in quantity produced more by women, though the reason for this is still unknown.

This fact simply implies that females due to this ample flow of oxytocin are more predispose to letting down their guards which also means falling easily in love with a man after sex.

Oxytocin is released no matter who the female is cuddling with, thus helping you bond with your love interest or just that fling, thus placing the female in a precarious position if the sex is just a moments thing.

It was also discovered that men on the other hand instead of releasing this bonding hormone, releases dopamine-known as the pleasure hormone, which is addictive and can be responsible for men suffering from sex addiction.

I think at this junction my intent is glaring, which is to pour light on how oxytocin as a hormone affects the love chemistry of a woman.

Also, our brains and its cells decline with age. It is said we loose 7000 brain cells a day but having regular sex may help us grow new brain cells- a fact published by scientist from Princeton University.

The more sex, the more cells you can grow. From animal studies published on the journal Plus One, hints that sex stimulates the growth of brain cells in the hippocampus-the part responsible for memory and learning.

The hippocampus is said to be affected by depression and stress which causes shrinkage but facts are stating that both sex and exercise is an effective blockade to that effect.

Sex protects the brain cells from declining. Based on evidence, that older people with an active sex life has shown less likelihood of having dementia.

Mri scan has shown that neurons are more active in the brain during organism, using more oxygen- which is a pointer that sex increases blood flow.

Also sex can also sharpen the minds of women due to sex hormones that are been released during sex especially the male hormone, testerone which is known to improve concentration.

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