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  • Beyonce Responds To Lemonade Lawsuit

    We all heard about the Lemonade lawsuit that was filed against Beyonce. And now we are hearing that the queen of the Bee Hive has finally responded. According to Mathew Fulks who filed the suit against Beyonce and her label, the idea behind Beyonce’s Lemonade was stolen from his 2014 short film titled Palinoia. Beyonce […]

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  • Entertainment News: P Diddy, Jay Z And Their Women At The Vogue Magazine Met Gala

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    The Black power is the one phrase could could best describe lots of successful black entertainers in America. And Puff Daddy and Jay Z are two black adult males in the American music industry that has successfully escaped the limitations of being just entertainers. These men are symbols of Black Power, they duo were with […]

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  • Nigerian Writer: Chimamanda Adichie Among 2015 Grammy Nominee’s

    The Felix Brambaifa If there is one Nigerian writer who sure has international acclaim then that Nigerian writer is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It seems that acclaim is spilling into the music arena also as it has now been reported that Chimamanda Ngozi is Among nominee’s at this year Grammy’s award event. Olisa TV Writes: Award-winning […]