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  • Kylie Jenner’s Sexual Desires

    Kylie Jenner’s sexual desires Can one completely assume or grasp Kylie Jenner’s sexual desires? I think the answer is obviously no. But since everything that must be, must show signs, it is safe to say that her actions in recent years has shown us a sample of the moral blueprint of  Kylie Jenner’s sexual desires. […]

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  • The Kardashian Clan

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    The Entertainment News The Kardashian clan has some females who are now in their own rights the Entertainment Queens of nudity. Kim Kardashian is the number one Entertainment Queen in that regard. With her nude picture almost in all cyber space, it is safe to conclude that she is no different from a whore. Looking […]

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  • Kylie Jenner at 4am In The Morning


    The Seems Kylie Jenner is a nocturnal beauty. A fact that some people find strange, to the point where some of her followers on Instagram decided to shout “Lesbian’. Kylie Jenner posted the picture on her Instagram page with the following “4am with bae”. That caption got lots of people shouting. Having her take a […]