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  • Hope and The Nigerian Student


    The Hope and The Nigerian Student By Pen Talks Graduates abound in Nigeria in a frightful amount but no jobs to put their acquired skills to purposes. It is one fact from which every Nigerian Student cannot escape, one truth that threatens the pillar of our resolve to make a positive difference in Nigeria. As […]

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  • The Nigerian Life


    The The Nigerian Life By Pen Talks In Nigeria today it is simply hard not to fall into the pitfall of generalizations, this is as a result of the semblance of character and mindsets that has become the singular identifier of what many observers now call the Nigerian life. The Nigerian life is undoubtedly a […]

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  • Is Ebola A Sign of The End Times?


    The By Pen Talks I was surfing through Facebook ( the period Sawyer brought the EBOLA VIRUS into Nigeria) when I came across an update by a female friend. At first glance I instantly became irritated, wondering why some Nigerians are so addicted to the crime of peddling fear, inflicting on the minds of others, […]

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  • The Problem With Nigeria


    The The problem with Nigeria is that the people are coexisting against their will. The necessary love for a country is absent. But this is a secondary problem that actually finds its root in something else, the politicians to be precise. The people are tired and want a miracle that would aid their survival against […]

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  • Nigeria in 2016


    The Felix Brambaifa The year 2016 is but a few hours away and the fate of Nigeria lies in the hands of President Mohammed Buhari. President Mohammed Buhari and The APC had assumed office with promises of a better tomorrow as the core of their political message and months since taking over office that change […]