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  • Doubt


    The DOUBTS I fear a lot I doubt a lot I disbelief a lot Shy I am, a lot Abound in me they are. They sing and dance on my mind, Whispering and laughing in my heart, Numbing me with their effect. They are me. I am them I live them. I act them. How […]

  • Poetry
  • Nigerian Writer: Abused


    The ABUSED She rose within the minute she knelt Right fingers to the forehead; chest– Right, left and centre Eyes flooded like Alice’s In Wonderland In her trench coat pockets She searched for a handkerchief But only found a rosary; Mumbling Hail Mary She walked outta The local cathedral It was less than a minute […]

  • Nigerian writer


    The THE EYES OF HIM He walked outta you So he can walk into another His newbie is finer Far finer Than you can ever be You gave him everything Stuff even outta your reach But she can do the same, and Even much more, you know You’re a loser! You shunned college For this […]