#TerenceCrutcher: Trey Songz Voices Out As Another Unarmed Black Man Is Killed


#TerenceCrutcher: Voices Out As Another Unarmed Black Man Killed

It seems America has become every black man’s nightmare.

More and more unarmed black men are been and no justice for them.

Instead the law is doing Everything to protect the trigger happy cops.

This recent shooting just took place in .

And its already under the hashtag #TerenceCrutcher:

In Trey Songz Own Words:

Now let all the racists come forth and say that racism doesn’t exist. Those who will make a reason for why this man was shot and killed. Fuck you! Can you not see why we shout BLACK LIVES MATTER! Can you not see why says fuck your national anthem?! A bomber, literally a terrorists, shoots it out with the cops and is safely detained yet this unarmed black man is shot down like so many others. If you don’t see the problem, you are the problem. #prayformypeople – #regrann 

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