The Aura of Simplicity and Mark Zuckerberg’s Nigerian Visit


Mark Zuckerberg’s Nigerian Visit was a surprising one but what is becoming an even more surprising issue is his simplicity.

That’s , one of the richest men in the world and yet he lacks the material appearance of that status.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit has revealed a very obvious but suppressed truth (at least here in Nigeria) that wealth begins and ends in the .

It says the mind is the greatest gift or wealth. This is a man that is known from Asia to Africa, to Europe, to Antarctica, Australia to the South and North America of this world.

And yet unlike the political thieves that we have in Nigeria, he carries a simple face in it all. He is down to earth.

But yet powerful!

He wears a simple jean, tee shirt and trainers. None of those expensive material that would cost most people their decades salary.

I think Mark Zuckerberg’s Nigerian Visit has this one obvious point to pass across. MAKE THE BUT DONT LET IT DEFINE YOU, BECOME LIKE THE STOICS, BE INDIFFERENT.

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