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The Best was once a mantra that I carried in my head many years back while still in school.

Back then in Niger Delta University there was little awareness in the aspect of starting up a and among the few who might have thought about it, I became the first to set one up.

Ever since then (the year 2011) many blogs have sprang up and with it the competition.

Unlike many bloggers I Gave little time to the blogs I gave birth to, and over the years kept maintaining my domain space.

Posting when I felt like and after then going on a long break. It was not a constant past time for me and so like everything not properly cared for, it refused growing.

But I didn’t care even though in my heart the desire was to make my sites The Beat Blog ever.

In 2013 it would take another dimension for me when I decided to start up but even this site would suffer the off and on response from me.

But because I still carried the desire of becoming responsible for The Best Bayelsa Blog, I held on.

Then in 2015 I gave the site another name Gossip Chef and with the NYSC  over for me and no job in the horizon became the escape.

And ever since then, after comparison with other blogs in Bayelsa State, it became obvious that I had managed to become The Best Bayelsa Blog just as I had intended.

And if you are in Bayelsa or beyond take your time and visit and sew for yourself what it truly means to be The Best Bayelsa Blog.


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