The Buhari Administration and The N2.10 trillion Loan


Felix Brambaifa

The are no longer too hopeful that APC and their change mantra can help them, maybe they are just too impatient. But impatient or not, the average on the street has chosen to complain while others are now completely fed up with the constant BLAMING OF for a government he no longer part of.

Among many things the Nigerian people are worried of the following:

* Fuel Scarcity.
* The Rise of the Dollar against the Nigeria.
* And worst of all, the bid to borrow N2.10 trillion come next year.

Words on the streets is proof enough that Buhari bid to borrow such a large amount is completely against popular vote.

Now the question is, why is the Buhari Government thinking of borrowing when during Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure they had cried against such financial moves?

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