The Case of A Chide Bride


The Case of A Chide Bride

There are many things in the world today that are evidently an eyesore.

From the craze of rights to the blatant hypocrisy of feminism.

The annoying lists goes on and on…

And then there is the issue of brides. Little angels to oversized monsters.

Men whose carnal would desire nothing more than to rip through the hymen of a crying Child begging to be left alone.

That Nigeria would still allow practices like this, no matter the guise under which they are operated is heartbreaking.

And a fact that we are still suffering from some serious sexual indecency that is most deserving of a grand punishment.

How can an adult take pride in being associated to a child, like the picture depicts. And not be bothered or morally ashamed?

In my opinion men like this should be imprisoned and customs that permits such oppression, be condemned into nonexistence.

Nigeria must rise to her duty and save the .

Look at how beautiful the girl is and how ugly the male monster.

Its as if someone was trying to reenact the storyline of the Beauty And The Beast.

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