Nigerian Celebrity: The Essence Of Nigerian Celebrity 2Face, Honorary Degree

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Nigerian 2face an icon that no one in this country can deny that status. He has paid his dues and with his songs inspired generations of young artists.

If one would attempt to remember there is a line in his song,that goes like this…
“Just because I no finish school some people dem take me as a fool” I might not be exact but that line contains the message.

He didn’t finish his education, dropped out so that he could focus on and today he is the top dog.

Lots of people go to music school, graduate and become nothing later in life. It is to people like the 2face that institutions owe certificates of honour.

Because they made it in their field. For 2face he made it in the field of music, made the money, the fame and would leave a legacy behind.

I believe the behind the Honorary degree is to convey the message “be the best in what you do and the world would honour you, irrespective of you family, education and spiritual background”

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