The Fear Of Fulani Herdsmen In Nigeria, is Buhari Asleep?

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Wole Soyinka Recently Cried Against The Menace of the Fulani Herdsmen from the north.

And it only expected that more and more people would join voices to this claim as time goes on and as the unrestrained, grow more bold in their wickedness.

Timeline of the Fulani herdsmen killings in Nigeria

Fulani Herdsmen killings in Agatu.

Fulani Herdsmen Killings in Enugu.

The killings in Agatu and that of Nimbo in Uzo- Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State tells us one truth.

That we must not wait on security agencies to protect us, that it is our duty to repel this recent menace of and from the North.

The silence of president Buhari has only made this Fulani Herdsmen more bold and daring. They are now on a war path against host communities and the led administration is saying nothing.

One begins to wonder if Buhari cares or if he has fallen asleep on his duties.

But asleep or not, one must not allow this mayhem unnecessary triumph. As a people outside of the North we must be ready to defend ourselves.

The government will do nothing. To wait on them, is to watch our entire villages and people wiped out by a people intent on senseless killings.

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