The Life Of A Nigerian Blogger

The Life Of A Nigerian Blogger

The of a  is not an easy one. Safe to say that it is  not an easy road to follow because of the uneasy factors involved.

These factors are generic in nature and carries little favor for that average on the street begging for sustenance.

Blogging has become a new industry of its own. An economic industry powered by hope and the determination to survive poverty.

But like every other sector in Nigeria, this new industry is confronted by many a troubling reality.

  • Lack of Light
  • Bad Network
  • High Cost For Internet Data

These are few among the many factors troubling .

Should there be more light, good and steady internet connection at an affordable price then the life of a Nigerian blogger would make more sense.

With more and more Nigerian graduates clinging to this new and thriving industry for survival, it is only wise that the Nigerian government pours in their support.

By creating an enabling environment.

The life of a Nigerian blogger and the profit that comes from the trade would aid in the springing up of more personal businesses which is deeply needed.

Only if the Government would help!

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