The Love for Big Brazilian Ass

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Felix brambaifa
Where there are big asses, there you will find herosexual men like me whose love for “big ass” or big assess an uncontrollable impulse. The picture above is a glorification of the “big ass” idea and truly it is an appealing sight.


The power of a Can not be underestimated. This is one asset in the world that has seen to the fall and rise of mighty a men. Infact a big is one of the wonders of the world. No wonder in the Miss pageantry is a must watch. A festival of “big ass” worship, where over 500 beautiful women with big asses come to, for that “big ass evaluation” and there the lady with the best “big ass” is called queen.


That is Suzy Cortez who won the 2015 edition of Miss BumBum Brazil and the fine pictorial asses above belongs to her
You like?

Now no pretence allowed! As a full blooded herosexual male, would you if given the chance, travel to San Paolo and be part of the glorification of “THE BIG ASS” idea.

Be part of the worship of those “big ass” Brazilian ladies with olive skin?

If you can’t..I can!

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