The Most Famous Nigerian Celebrity With A Mask


The Most Famous With A Mask

Who do you think is The Most Famous With A Mask?

If you have followed Nigerian Celebrity trend setters then you would have come to realize that the only Nigerian Celebrity with that qualification is LAGBAJA.

But who is LAGBAJA?

First thing first, is a Nigerian Celebrity musician. An Afrobeat musician who succeeded in getting fame and respect despite the fact that he had concealed his face the entire time.

Yes is it this LAGBAJA that I consider to be The Most Famous Nigerian Celebrity With A Mask.

No one has been able to pull this concealment stunt and if anyone dares it, I wonder if it would get the expected allowance.

If you think there is another masked more famous then do let me know.

Anyways below are some personal details of LAGBAJA.

1. He was born in Lagos with the name Bisade Ologunde  in 1960.

2. He is from Odogun’s Compound, Ijagbo Community in Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara State.

3. LAGBAJA in Yoruba means “nobody in particular”.

4. He is also referred to as “Omo baba mu’ko mu’ko”.

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