The Nigerian Celebrity 2face Idibia And The First Time I Watched Him Perform


Nigerian 2face Idibia represents more than what most people see on their television. Yes! He is a blurred vision when seen from the TV screen.

It was during my time in the University of Port Harcourt, that the opportunity to watch the 2face presented itself.

I think it was a collaboration between the SUG and the Theatre Arts department (Crabites). That he would be performing in the coming student week became the most popular gists on campus.

2face was that Celebrity that was loved then as he is now. It was one event we all looked forward to even though there were more other important things as students we should be bothered with.

And then the day came. The rush was not at all an easy thing as the Man-O-war were already so frustrated to remain sane and they were now applying whips to the back and arms of fellow university students.

But despite the periodic whip lashes, the crowd continued in their usual uncultured struggle to go through the small door all at once.

Eventually even my self and some friends were able to smuggle ourselves in, and you can almost imagine our joy at being able to watch our favorite Nigerian Celebrity live and direct.

It was a show of revelations. One that revealed to me that day that there is no other greater feeling than that which comes from direct contact.

I was there in that huge crowds, the noise, the fire spewed from the combination of mosquito raid and the spark from lighters. The place was on fire!

Before 2face would come out however, others of less popularity would come thrill the crowd but there was one Nigerian Celebrity that actually created fever in the bloods of the students that day.

He was Stereo Man!
“If e no good for your health,! Quit! ” like wild fire consumed the hall as it become a full house chorus. It was indeed the stuffs of memories.

And then came Another Nigerian Celebrity group “D Natives” which comprised of 2face younger brother hyacinth and his partner.

That 2face brother was cute and the girls in the crowd went wild. We could all hear their wishes and mutterings of admiration. With his presence, the girls were suddenly now on heat.

When the Nigerian Celebrity 2face eventually came on stage, the crowd would no longer remain silent. On that day I saw the power of a Nigerian Celebrity.

They would not allow him sing any song alone, their voices were overpowering and thus with laughter in his cheeks, he would mime with everyone in that hall.

It was a sight as well as a moment that I have not been able to forget.

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