The Nigerian Police

Gossip Chef

Everywhere you go in , the very existence of backwardness assails your sight. Backwardness has become another name for Nigeria and Nigeria has become the abode for every kind of backwardness imaginable. But my concern today with a facet of the life that is most troubling, and that is the Nigerian Police.

Features Of A Nigerian Police

1, are Corrupt

2, Nigerian Police are Cowards

3, Nigerian police are no different from the criminals on the streets.

4, Nigerian police are wicked

4, Nigerian police are Irresponsible

Now for most ignorant people to call the Nigerian police names is unpatriotic. And that for me is arrant nonsense.

These breeds of Nigerians are the reason why the streets are never safe at night. Not because of supposed criminals but because:

1, The Nigerian police has become famous for raiding people at night for no good reason.

2, Watch people get robbed and do nothing because the criminals have paid their dues and thus have the protection of the police.

In my own opinion the fight against in Nigeria should include the Nigerian police force and not just the corrupt politicians at the top.

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