The No.1 Nigerian Female Choreographer


The No.1 Choreographer

There are many Choreographers today but which of them do you think deserves the No.1 Spot?

Personally no matter how many we have in the country. Be it among the male or females.

The one person that comes first is .

Kaffy is the No.1 Nigerian Female Choreographer not only because she has the contacts but also because she can .

But who is Kaffy?

# Kaffy was born on 30 June 1980 in London

# Her real names are Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau and she is from the Ethnic group.

# Born in London but grew up in CanadaNew York and Egypt .

# She broke the Guinness World Records for the “Longest Dance Party”  for 55hours and 40minutes.

# She is a mother of two kids and is married to  Joseph Ameh, the chief guitarist for Nigerian duo P-Square.

Kaffy undoubtedly is on a choreographical level of her own.

And that is because she is the No.1 Nigerian Female choreographer in the country today.

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