The Poverty In Bayelsa State


The In Bayelsa State no longer a matter that can be ignored by faith or believe in God or Church.

There is real suffering from it and that fact is evident through the show of the increasing lack of generosity taking over the state.

The Poverty In is man made, a catastrophic product from excess greed stemming from a moral bankruptcy that is just more than a case of savagery.

The government has become occupied with wicked politicians whose only concern is the looting of the state treasury.

The people are suffering and smiling, the only audible revolt is the grumbling of their hungry belly. With each passing moment the severity heightens.

But for how long?

How long would it take for the people to realize that they can take the laws into their hands and end this general lack.

There is in the state but the governor and his gang are sitting tight on it, refusing to share or use it for the improvement of the people’s existence in the State.

The Poverty In State would continue unabated unless the people act, through the coordinated voice of a social and economic revolt.

But the question is, when would that time come?

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