The Problem With Nigeria


The problem with is that the people are coexisting against their will. The necessary love for a country is absent.

But this is a secondary problem that actually finds its root in something else, the politicians to be precise.

The people are tired and want a miracle that would aid their survival against the monster that the Nigeria estate has become.

A monster that was created by the greed and wickedness of myopic politicians.

Without patriotism what is a country but a cupboard of many skeletons?

If one thing is obvious when it comes to Nigeria and her citizens, it is the feeling that their problem is the Nigerian estate itself.

A serious problem that is no different from the destructive tendencies of a leech. Sucking its own people dry.

Nigeria as a country is divided against itself. The people on one side and the few rich and mighty on the other side.

Now this is . A problem that fits properly into the schematic of the Marxian theory of social and material conflict.

The people now understands that there is a ploy to keep them under the violent current of .

To undermine their efforts towards self determination and a better life.

They have come to realize that the problem with Nigeria is not what the tabloid wants them to believe.

They now know that it is George Orwell’s Animal Farm all over again. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

This issue of inequality is one of the problem and it has become a monster waging war against the people.

A fact that is becoming more glaring with every new administration. A fact that can no longer remain a thing of deceit.

Before now it was a thing of deceit and the people were ignorant of its deliberate implementation.

But now as a “matter of fact” the people can no longer be deceived.

The truth of their existence has now brought them to the precarious place of apathy. They care not for the survival of Nigeria.

In fact they want it to fail, if in its failure lies their deliverance.

The problem with Nigeria is an obvious one. A problem of oppression, greed and wickedness.

And these traits can be found in the secret manifesto of the Nigerian political class that is the problem with Nigeria, and her people.

The political class cares little about people at the bottom of the food chain. Their only concern is the ambitions of their greed.

They speak of unity when projected before the people but once behind the wall of their privacy they make permutations of large scale thievery.

It is their that has actually divided the country and plunged it into its present chaotic state.

In other words the problem with Nigerian is the politicians. These wicked Nigerians in public offices ruining the destinies of generations.

The Problem With Nigeria, A Breakdown
The source of it all is the
* And Economic Sabotage
Has permitted a terrible case of

It is the people that are at the receiving end of all the wastage, corruption and wickedness.

And if this pattern continues, Nigeria would definitely come to its own destruction as a nation.

The corrupt politicians when caught should be condemned to a penalty that would retrain them from existing in our world.

They should rot in prison.

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