The Way Forward For Young Talented Nigerians


The Way Forward For Young Talented Nigerians

Nigeria a geographical entity made up of many great minds that can be found in varying body sizes.

The picture above talks of the younger minds that seems to have in great numbers but which like many would become lost in time.

The problem is not with the minds that eventually end up becoming nothing. The problem is with Nigeria herself.

The country is just too hostile to its citizens that its so hard focusing on ones own unique dreams.

We are instead too concerned with our stomach infrastructure that we abandon what would one day perpetuate our names through time.

The only invention that is allowed is the one that brings food to the table.

Unless the government changes its strides and give aid to these minds as encouragement, we would continue to loose out in the international space of progress and invention.

There should be some kind of institution and scholarship for talented Nigerians. to feed so they don’t worry about that anymore.

Only then would the number of innovative Nigerians increase.

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