The World’s Biggest Breast

There is indeed something as The World’s and am here to tell you about them orbs.


According to Guinness World Records The World’s Biggest Breasts belong to ANNIE HAWKINS (NORMA STITZ) from the USA.


Her Measurements
* Under measurement of 109.22 cm (43 in)
* Around chest-over-nipple measurement of 177.8 cm (70 in).
* Her Bra Size is a US size 52I , a 48V Bra according to US estimation.


According to Annie:

“I just started growing, and kept right on. I started wearing a bra when I was in third grade, and it was a regular grown-up woman’s bra. I don’t remember ever wearing a training bra.”

Her world records title was given to her in 2000 and she had this to say:

“It made me feel like a million bucks. It’s such an honour. This go down in history. It’s something I will always cherish.”


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