By Felix Brambaifa

Behind the glitz and the splendour from being a lies stories of hardship and unrelenting struggle. All locked up in yesterday but never forgotten, for indeed without the past there no future. came in to the Nigerian music scene like a meteor descending from heaven and this impact has stayed with Timaya ever since. The only stories people are concerned with now, are the various episodes of his shine, which is not at all a bad thing.

But sometimes I believe when it comes to the stories of great men, it is their past that truly captures their best moments. And for Timaya this is also a true fact. Imagine Timaya , imagine Timaya begging for ears to listen to his songs, imagine how Timaya would Have felt when time after time despite his efforts it would had seem, his talent was taking him no where.

Now, that's the part of Timaya's story that came to mind when I came across that picture above on his instagram page. I saw a poor Timaya, a Timaya ugly as his state of then had allowed. A Timaya with hope, dreams and the uncertainty of where his love for music would lead him to and I felt that rising sensation of pride for the Egberi Papa of Bayelsa who despite the odds was able to make it.

Looking at Timaya through the lenses of his past I came to realize that, his was a story of grace and ultimately success. As an Ijaw male, his struggle with poverty and obscurity and his triumph over them both is a motivational story for the many Ijaw youths out there with similar dreams. It would not be out of place to hear his fellow Ijaw brothers say: “If Timaya could make it, I will make it also”

The picture above told me that dreams does come through and that, what Timaya is today is just the product of those hard times in yesterday. Those times when all he had were mere ideas of what tomorrow could bring should his talent and determination prevail. That picture of Timaya above says it all ” if only we can belief, then we will achieve”


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