Timi Dakolo As A Person


Timi Dakolo As A Person

For most people, is just that guy from that won the first edition of Idol.

Apart from this fact, what else do you know about him?

This post is primarily intended to shed light on some little facts or rather, factors.

Like his Bayelsan brother Timaya, he had also gone through the various episodes of poverty and had to hawk plantain chips and pure water on the streets of .

He was born in Ghana to a Ghanian mum by the name Norah and of course his Ijaw dad, at Legon Teaching Hospital.

He was given the Ghanian name Kwabna and left for Nigeria,  9 months after his birth.

Growing up in the Garden City (Port Harcourt).

He grew up with his grandmother who was in fact his only parent.

He would later hear of her death while at the West African Idol auditions.

He is from Gbarain Ekpetiama in .

Or rather Gbarain-Toru.

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