Top 10 Facts About Nigeria And Nigerian People


Top 10 Facts About And People

Nigerians are a complex people and it is a fact that becomes evident the moment you become abreast of the fact that it is a geographical entity made up of diverse and complex ethnic groups.

Today we shall make an attempt to list out the top 10 facts about Nigeria and the .

So let’s begin.

1. Religious.
The Nigerian crowd is one made up of a people that are innately religious.

The worship of God and deities cannot be subtracted from their person. And this is because the average Nigerian person is aware of the concept “ after Death”.

Mind you, it is not primarily based on Christianity which talks of the Lord Jesus and “in my fathers house there are many mansions”.

The various indigenous religions or rather African Traditional Religions speaks of the after life also.

In fact it is centered on that concept. Because it is in the after life that the gods are resident and can be found. The place of the ancestors. The elders of the various clans.

This sentiment of the religious is a part of any Nigerian that you just can’t eradicate.

It is innate, it is their way of life. In fact being religious is a cultural thing for the average Nigerian.

2. Superstitious

Most of the cultures of indigenous Nigeria is saturated in myths and superstitions.

In fact I am very superstitious myself. Our strong beliefs are etched on some cultural rules and fear of certain taboos.

These superstitions are the remaining ties that connects us with our past, to that and that ancestor.

I remember shaving off my hair when my dad died. All his children did and the reason for it, was that it would serve as some kind of currency he would spend on his way to the after life.

They are many of such beliefs and superstitions scattered all over Nigeria and the truth of the matter is, they make us unique before the eyes of the world.

Serving as a marker that gives us our own peculiar identity as a people.

3. Tribalistic

Is there a Nigerian that is not tribalistic?

I doubt!

Every Nigerian carries the seed of tribalism in them. But some carry more than others.

Some tribes are even generally more tribalistic than others.

So bad that it is hard to see between these tribes.

Such marriage sentiment still exist between the Igbo’s and Hausa’s. And even with the Yoruba’s.

I remember working as a casual staff in Coca Cola in Lagos.

I hardly ever used the name tonbra which would have denoted that I am from Ijaw.

I instead used Seun, which is also my name and was given to me at birth in the Cele church where my mum gave birth to me.

The usage made it easy for the Yoruba staffs to have me included when they came looking for manpower substitutes at the gate in the morning hours.

Tribalism is real in Nigeria but factually, the Yoruba’s are more tribalistic than others. Followed by the 2 other major ethic groups in the country, the Igbo’s and Hausa’s.

4. Homophobic

If there is one fear that runs through the greater majority of the Nigerian space. That would be the fear of homosexuality.

90 percent of Nigerian’s are homophobes. And while a lot of people from outside the country and even Africa attributes this to the teaching of Christianity, it is not so.

Culturally homosexuality is not a way of life for a Nigerian. Our cultures which outdates Christianity frowns heavily on it.

Thus, it was not Christianity that made us so, we have been this way since before the white man came.

5. Poor

Poverty rules the land not because we lack the resources to live above its reach.

But it is because some few people have learnt to remain dangerously selfish and greedy to the detriment of the larger crowd.

The poverty in Nigeria is man made. What should be shared around is kept only for a few.

The poverty in the land is maintained to keep the average Nigerian powerless against corrupt leaders who want to be seen as above human.

Corrupt people who don’t want to measure with others.

The average Nigerian is poor and remains poor because of corruption and mismanagement on the part of the elected rulers.

6. Survivals

Nigerians are survivals. If you are aware of their struggles you might even equate them to some kind of supernatural mutants.

No matter what situations and harsh circumstances thrown at them, you still find them resilient.

They are a monster breed surviving against poverty, corruption and any kind of material backwardness you can dare imagine.

If care is not even taken, they might even survive against the rapture no matter their sins. Lol!

7. Belief In God

No matter the tribe or region you go to in Nigeria, you are bound to realise that the belief in God is top priority.

It must be the blessings of God that despite the cruel odds Nigerians are still alive and surviving through the various storms.

Thus the belief in God is a necessity.

In Nigeria, we believe in God for everything. From food to good health and it is not changing anytime soon.

8. Religious Intolerance

Christians and Muslims don’t get along that well.

In the northern part of Nigeria, one can describe their relations as one fueled by hate and fear.

In fact religious intolerance is one of the problems affecting the progress of the country.

9. Distain For Feminism

For the average Nigerian feminism is a threat to cultural, social and religious peace, all combined.

It is not a movement that appeals to them. In fact for most if not all, feminism is a movement of lesbians, for lesbians.

With the aim of destroying traditional marriage values

10. Simple And Hospitable

As a people Nigerians are simple and hospitable.

Except provoked they see no reason to show strength.

Strangers are welcome and treated with respect with the aim of making them part of the fold.

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