Top 5 Nigerian Celebrities With More Than 2M IG Followers

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Top 5 With More Than 2M IG Followers

Social media is now like a rank factor when it comes to how relevant a particular is.

And these days, Instagram is the one place where the numbers of your followers is a statement of social rank.

So today we shall be making a Top 5 list of Celebrities with more than 2 million followers.

Most Nigerian Celebrities that you know of are just just some digits above a million while the larger percentage are below a million.

So the concern of this post is to make known the few with above 2 million Instagram followers, who are leading the race on that social media platform.

1. Davido


He is obviously the one with the highest follower among Nigerian celebrities on Instagram.

2. Nigerian Celebrity WizKid


He is followed in rank by Nigerian Celebrity WizKid, it seems if their rivalry were to be judged with the Instagram numbers then Davido has won already.

3. Nigerian Celebrity Tiwa Savage


The Queen of the Mavin dynasty comes third. Tiwa Savage is boasting with almost two and the half million IG followers.

4. Nigerian Celebrity Genevieve Nnaji


The princess herself is among the list and its not surprising at all. What is surprising is that she is above Omotola with more than a million and some extra numbers.

5. Nigerian Celebrity Don Jazzy


Last on the list is Don Jazzy himself and we see him climbing above this number very soon.

For most people, there is no need to pay concern to how many follower a celebrity has on social media.

But its importance cannot be dismissed. Everything these days goes down online. A large following means a large and quick response to whatever intent the celebrity has designed.

A large following means a lot.

If for nothing else then for the sake of ego. For even that is important.

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