Types of Kisses



Types of kiss


· French kiss….This is what one does when kissing involves more of tongue contact. It is most times called tongue kiss or pen-mouthed kiss.

· Butterfly Kiss….This is executed when while kissing the lashes are used against each other, when the lashes are brought together they are then made to fluster together like butterfly wings

· The Single Lip Kiss…..This is when a lover takes one of the lips of their partner between theirs, tugging or sucking it.

· Spiderman Kiss…. This is performed when one partner positions their head upside down from that of their lover while kissing

· The Earlobe Kiss…Take the earlobe with a gentle bite, tugging it downwards while you apply licking and sucking as you do so in a slow sensual motion.

· Sniff Kiss….This is most often perform by the Asians, who unable to kiss in the public due to cultural codes leans unto their partner and instead of kissing their lips, sniffs their scent from neck, cheek and ear with their nose. The whole idea is to inhale their partner’s fragrance.

· Sucking kiss…Suck the lips of your partner and in the process slightly pull away with lips still in the sucking grip.

· Blow Kiss…Give a wet kiss to any body part of a lover, then pull away. Afterwards give the spot a cool mouth breeze, to create a cool sensual sensation.

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