Nigerian Thieve: Video of Boy who stole a phone in Benin City and was beaten


Thief! Thief! They must have all shouted so the thieving culprit might be caught and at last he was caught.

But he was a small or rather young boy and his target had been the victims , not until he became the target of public embarrassment.

We have a lot of thieves in and it would only make more sense to refer to them as “Nigerian thieves”

These all have one thing in and that common bond is to be found in the impulse that drives them.

They are driven by ‘ and poverty’. They steal not for sport but for the sake of necessity. Its not like the case of the Nigerian Politicians.

Who steal out of wickedness and an uncontrolled desire to amass unnecessary wealth.

The common Nigerian thieves steals for their belly and unfortunately they are the ones caught and often times murdered.

Murdered by their need to survival!