What If Kim Kardashian Was Raped?


What If Was Raped?

The news of Kim Kardashians robbery in Paris saw the internet going agog.

It brought out both care and sarcasm at the same time.

It became even a matter of malicious gossip when it was made known that she was pulled out of her bed while naked.

The issue of rape came up and the rest has been left to our wild imagination.

Now my issue is, why would anyone even be bothered if Kim was rapped.

Getting shouldn’t even bother her, after all she is that lady whose life revolves around .

She promotes it.

She makes money out of it.

So why bother if Kim Kardashian is raped by it.?

The picture above is of Kim Kardashian in her best on .

Nude and daring.

Does that picture even look like that of a person that would be bothered by sex, even if it comes through sex?

Personally I am not bothered if Kim Kardashian gets raped.

She has always been about the sex.

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