What Would You Do if on Your Wedding Day, Your Groomsmen Sends Your Wife into a Coma?


Felix Brambaifa
Some weddings are the manifestations of disasters. In some cases an heart broken, jilted lady walks into the church, shoots the groom and then blows her head off but on must cases the bride sent into a coma by over zealous groomsmen. This is exactly what happened to a Chinese bride on her wedding day. Check out the details below:

‘The bride arrived at the hotel to meet the groom for the wedding banquet. Several groomsmen were sent to welcome her at the front gate. Wedding shenanigans are usually expected at this point according to Chinese traditions, so the groomsmen picked up the bride and threw her into the air, pretending to scare her.

The twist however was that they failed to catch the bride when she fell. She landed on the ground headfirst and was knocked into a coma. Her panic-stricken family members immediately called the police for help.’

Source: linda ikeji

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