What’s The Deal Between Falz And Simi?


Between and there seem to exist an obvious emotional thread. That’s a fact easily deduced from their constant companionship.

I don’t mean the companionship that we see in their video collaboration. I mean the companionship that seem to trickle into their lives off screen.

It seems between Falz and Simi goes beyond music, an enjoyment of one human being’s presence by another.

After all Falz a Bahd guy with a great sense of humour whose presence without even his permission might silently be wooing Simi.

Simi on the other hand is a pretty damsel, endowed with all the silent weaponry to win a man over with even making any obvious move.

Little wonder why they are always seen in each other’s radar. They have become like some sort of crew.

I wonder between Falz and Simi who would be the first to become weak for whom.

We are watching.

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