When You Are A Nigerian Celebrity With Too Much Money


When You Are A With Too Much Money

To be a to live at the top in the Nigeria’s social sphere and its an almost intoxicating feeling.

You become the prayer points and source of jealousy of people you have never met before.

You might even unknown to you, become the centre of a social cult just like the Beyhive that has become the backbone to Beyonce’s social media prowess.

But when you are a Nigerian Celebrity with a large financial inheritance from which to spend on material opulence.

Then in that case you become a “Davido”.


Davido is that Nigerian Celebrity whose material life speaks of just one concept “WEALTH”.

Like someone once said, he does not need the profits from his musical career to be financially buoyant.

His family wealth has already done that.

Thus he is always seen jetting from one part of the globe as if its just a stroll from Rumuola to Hotel Presidential.

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