Wife Kills Husband for Coming Home Late

By Felix Brambaifa
What do you think of a man beaten thoroughly by his wife, which eventually led to his death? Personally I call it an unfortunate but shameful tragedy.
The tragedy which took place at Gonin Gora Area of Chikun LGA of Kaduna saw a wife, 40-year-old Mary Lucas beat out of her husband within the early hours of Saturday (3 a.m).
According to Kefas Lucas, the first son of the deceased, this exactly what transpired that night.

“I heard my father shouting around 3am that day (Saturday) and so I called on my mother to inquire what was happening.
“My mother shouted back at me from her room to keep off and remain quiet that armed robbers were operating.
The more I tried to get closer to my father’s room, the more my mother screamed thieves! thieves! thieves!
“When I finally summoned up courage to enter my father’s room, I found him vomiting blood and he could no longer talk while my mother was still pretending that
it was armed robbers that attacked him.“There was a heavy object by his side and he was bleeding profusely from his forehead. At daybreak,
neighbours came around to help and the police outpost at Gonin Gora arrested my mother and took her to Sabon Tasha Police station.”

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