Would You Allow Your Spouse Buy A GPS Marriage Ring?

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Infidelity a constant in today’s world. Marriage’s are crumbling by the seconds and even that is a good thing for those in the marriage business.

When one dies another must be birthed. And thus those in the business are in the eternal loop of profit making.

From the lawyers, to the marriage planner, a failed marriage is a new possibility to make profits.

But then there are others in the marriage business that takes a bit further. They are the one’s in charge for marriage security.

They are the ones in charge of GPS Marriage rings, with which spouse can track each other.

For most marriage folks with no issue with being faithful it doesn’t matter, for others it is a fact that they are not trusted and then trust is a big issue in marriage.

Whether or not it is a good idea, these makers of GPS Marriage rings are here to make profits and with each case of marriage infidelity, the need for a marriage with GPS installed becomes a necessity.

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