Yemi Alade’s Increasing Fame And The Numbers

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Yemi Alade’s increasing fame is actually coming as was expected. Her growth is not at all a surprising thing.

Yemi Alade’s increasing fame is as a result of hard work, dedication and disciplined talent. So she is where she has now arrived at, by a calculated effort.

These days how do you measure a Nigerian Celebrity without the numbers? It is impossible. Because those numbers are the beginning and end of what they have become over the years.

It has become normal sight to see WizKid on Instagram flaunting a newly acquired automobile, such that its mere appearance is proof enough that the vehicle is expensive.

But that is never the end for such as WizKid and Davido as those photos are always captioned with a figure.

A large figure in the dollar currency. Through these numbers, they are saying just one thing..”we are rich and popular”

So it is for who some days back took to her Instagram page, posting two photos with numbers on them.

The numbers of her worth. These numbers at this moment are the evidences of Yemi Alade’s increasing fame.

Like the image accurately displays, Yemi Alade has acquired 6million vevo views through her song NA GODE in which she featured .

Now that’s a mile Stone and is worth celebrating. This number says it all about her fame and its increment .

A fame and increment that does not end there but goes a bit further, yielding yet another number to conclude that Yemi Alade’s increasing fame is no joke or a passive event.

This additional numbers are from her Instagram page followers count. Which at this moment stands at a whooping 800k.

That’s some serious numbers and one which promises to get better with Yemi Alade’s increasing fame.

To this wonderful we say a big “CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NUMBERS”

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